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White Paper | Presented by Google

How Data Is Driving Resilient and Sustainable Supply Chains

As the world move towards a circular economy, building a resilient and sustainable supply chain has emerged as a top business priority. Discover the three main processes companies need to address on this journey, and learn why data and AI are critical to transforming the supply chain.

Case study: Software Company Undergoes Cloud Transformation

This case study outlines the process of assessing, planning, and executing a seamless shift to become a cloud-focused company.

eBook | Presented by Andela

3 Trends Driving How You Hire and Retain Engineering Talent

This ebook will help you lead with confidence and conquer a dramatically different staffing landscape.

White Paper | Presented by Andela

4 Myths Holding You Back from Building Strong Dev Teams

Scaling your team with the right developers sometimes feels like an impossible task. But it doesn’t have to be. In this report, we debunk four myths that limit companies from competing in the fight for technical talent.

eBook | Presented by Andela

5 Keys to Finding the Best Software Developers

Great software engineers are hard to find. But few staffing firms are positioned to recruit and retain top talent. How do you know if a staffing agency can secure the high-performing developers you need?

White Paper | Presented by Andela

Getting Started with Distributed Software Development Teams

You don’t have to go 100% remote to reap the benefits of a distributed workforce. Policies that allow engineering managers to source from a global talent pool will bring a wider range of skills and reduce turnover.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Andela

The Missing Piece to Closing Your Engineering Talent Gap

In this webinar, learn from experts about the different options engineering leaders have in expanding their global talent pools. 

White Paper | Presented by ESRI

Location-Based Data: IT Leaders Discuss its Importance, Use Cases, and how it is Required for Your Business

There is great potential to improve business outcomes with location-based data, according to participants in a recent IDG roundtable event.

Resources/Tool | Presented by Alert Logic

Checklist: Manage Security of Your AWS Workloads

A guide to building a secure foundation for your Amazon Web Services (AWS) workloads or assessing existing setups.

White Paper | Presented by Alert Logic

Defining a Shared Responsibility Model for Amazon Web Services

Understanding the crucial role organizations play in securing their "cloud-first" business initiatives from cybercriminal activity.

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