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White Paper | Presented by Skillsoft

The Secret Sauce for Implementing Blockchain: Your Own People

This paper explores industry sectors and business models primed for disruption by blockchain and the ways in which it’s already being incorporated by global industry leaders. CIOs must prepare to harness the distributed ledger’s technology in the near future to remain competitive, and future-facing organizations are already investing in the people and processes to make blockchain work today.

White Paper | Presented by Magnolia

DX Suites: The Glass Ceiling of Your Digital Transformation

If you’re struggling with the slowness, cost, and lack of agility of your DX Suite—or at least just curious about alternatives, this guide will present to you a different approach that looks toward modular digital experience platforms (DXPs).

White Paper | Presented by Magnolia

How to choose the best Headless CMS for your project

Headless is here. But there are significant differences in what the headless CMS vendors provide. In order to help you choose a solution, we at Magnolia have looked into the main reasons for going headless and compared how a project implementation looks with a pure headless CMS versus with a hybrid-headless CMS like Magnolia.

Blockchain in action: key disruptive use cases for 2019

In this report, you will find a thorough overview of the principles and characteristics of Blockchain; its evolution over the past few years; the impact it has had in different industries such as finance, software development, energy and government, amongst others; its challenges and drawbacks; and a glance at how Belatrix can help you with your Blockchain projects.

White Paper | Presented by Magnolia

Choosing a CMS: The Ultimate Guide

A step-by-step guide to finding the right system for your organization’s needs

How TeamworkIQ and Belatrix built powerful workflow automation software

TeamworkIQ worked with Belatrix to create a powerful and intuitive software platform that can turn words into workflow. It saves businesses time and money by making it easy to create actionable, trackable tasks and workflows.

Simplifying business workflows with a Silicon Valley start-up

In this case study, we outline how TeamworkIQ worked together with Belatrix to build this product and overtake established competition in the market for business automation software.

The chatbot revolution: How chatbots and virtual assistants are helping to create powerful digital experiences

Increasingly executives are looking at chatbots to improve everything from how their organization can deliver improved customer service to increasing enterprise efficiency. By 2020, the research company, Gartner, estimates that chatbots will handle 85% of the customer service interaction.

The power of nearshoring in 2019

Nearshoring is not new. Businesses have realized the benefits of nearshoring – from timezone alignment, lower costs, easy collaboration, for many years. As a result, we’ve seen the dramatic growth of the nearshore sector over the past 15 years.

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