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How to Protect APIs from Bot Attacks

Account takeovers, fake account creation, content scraping, and API abuse are rising as more organizations digitize and move to the cloud. But those are also some of the most challenging attacks to prevent because they appear to be legitimate transactions. Learn how to protect your web and API-based apps without slowing down development.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Infoblox

Securing the Borderless Enterprise

As the movement to remote and virtual work moves into a business reality, ensuring that organizations can maintain security is a critical task. Legacy security processes and products are not up to the new set of demands that have resulted from this radical shift.

White Paper | Presented by Netgear

Accelerate Your Business to Wifi 6

Working remotely? Equip your home office with the latest and fastest WiFi 6 technology built to provide your home office with the ultimate WiFi coverage, improved speed, and enhanced network security.

White Paper | Presented by Radware

Anatomy of a Cloud-Native Data Breach

Migrating your computing workloads to the public cloud exposes them to a host of new vulnerabilities and attack vectors.

Can You Detect and Prioritize Threats in Real Time? 5 Questions to Ask Before Upgrading to a SIEM Solution

If you’re relying on a basic log manager to store and search through logs, chances are you’re missing critical incidents.

White Paper | Presented by Radware

Excessive Permissions Are Your No. 1 Cloud Threat

Migrating workloads to public cloud environments exposes organizations to a slate of new cloud-native attack vectors that do not exist in the world of premise-based data centers.

Hardware-Enhanced Protection

Join us for this session as we discuss the groundbreaking of the Intel vPro® technology that accelerates and scales security beyond software or human based approaches alone.

The Value of a HITRUST CSF Certification

In today's precarious threat landscape, the ability to provide assurances that sensitive data is being responsibly managed and adequately protected is no longer a nicety, but a necessity. How can your organization demonstrate that you are taking the most proactive approach to data protection and risk mitigation, and is also adhering to the highest information security standards?

Cyber Range and Simulation Based Training Use Case Coverage

How a new generation of eLearning and simulation technologies are changing the way CISOs operationalize cybersecurity.

A Market Guide to Simulation-Based Cybersecurity Training

This market guide details the features and capabilities of the next generation of simulation-based cybersecurity training solutions.

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