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Case Study | Presented by Okera

Okera Enables Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company to Protect Patients' Data During Drug Discovery

This Fortune 500 Company is a global biopharmaceutical company with a mission to discover, develop, and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious diseases.

Case Study | Presented by Okera

Okera Helps Fortune 500 Healthcare Provider Secure Its Data Lake and Protect Sensitive

This Fortune 500 Company is a leader in healthcare, managing the fastest growing and most complex areas of health, from special populations to complete pharmacy benefits.

Case Study | Presented by Okera

Okera Enables F500 Financial Services Company to Expand its Data Platform by Securing Access to Data at Scale

The company deployed Okera’s Active Data Access Platform (ODAP) to provide secure access control for analytics workloads running on an Amazon S3 data lake. Through doing so, it was able to reap the following benefits.

Case Study | Presented by Axio

New York Bank Achieves Cyber Risk Improvement

In 2019, Alpine Capital Bank wanted to quickly understand its state of cyber maturity and quantify the potential impact of priority cyber risks. Management's goal was to calculate its financial exposure and improve cyber posture based on the findings. Alpine turned to Axio for a solution.

Case Study | Presented by Axio

North American Utility Bridges IT and OT Divide

A critical infrastructure company wanted to manage their cybersecurity in a holistic way. As an organization with both information technology and multiple operational technology functions, they were missing a centralized dashboard and support system for cybersecurity management and improvement.

NBA team scores a modern security slam dunk

By adopting Azure Sentinel, the team gets to leverage the latest cloud-native functionality to enhance visibility, increase automation, and optimize security operations.

Case Study | Presented by Votiro

How Hachshara Insurance Eliminated File-Based Malware and Data Vulnerabilities

With employees turned into gatekeepers, the insurer’s workflow was slow and inefficient, and the company was unable to improve performance due to security requirements...until they engaged with Votiro.

Case Study | Presented by FiveTran

Fivetran and Amazon Redshift

By connecting Fivetran to a data warehouse, such as Amazon Redshift, businesses have quick and reliable access to data and can reallocate their data engineering efforts to more mission-critical data projects.

Case Study | Presented by CloudMoyo

Cloud Architecture Unlocks a Single Version of Truth for a Consulting Engineering Company

CloudMoyo devised a modern data architecture for a consulting engineering company with Snowflake Data Warehouse leveraging Azure and Power BI technologies

Case Study | Presented by FiveTran

Data Pipeline Case studies: Fivetran & Google BigQuery

Hundreds of Fivetran customers centralize their business data in Google BigQuery and Fivetran spins up hundreds of BigQuery trials annually for customers looking to test-drive the technology.

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