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eGuide | Presented by Snow Software

Better Data, Better Decisions with Snow Software

How a Clean CMDB Optimizes Enterprise ITSM and ITAM

eGuide | Presented by Microsoft

Modernize your security operations

We’ve created this guide drawing on best practices and lessons learned from the Microsoft Security Operations Center.

eGuide | Presented by HP Inc

How Should you Manage the Transition to the New Norms of Hybrid Work?

A managed services partner can help your organization stay focused on its most important tasks.

eGuide | Presented by iOffice

How Room Scheduling Software Benefits Your Bottom Line

The average conference room sits empty for 70% of the day, yet employees say they can't find a place to meet. Room scheduling software gives IT leaders the insights they need to recapture wasted real estate — an organization's second-largest expense — and eliminate employee frustrations. Learn more about the pressing problems room scheduling software helps enterprises solve.

eGuide | Presented by iOffice

The Frictionless Office Meets The Internet of Things

When collaboration is the linchpin for business success, the need to enable meetings among workers and their partners and customers becomes critical. Alongside advanced conferencing tools, there's also the need for intelligence and insights to inform decision-making. Enter the Internet of Things. Learn how IoT is helping companies boost productivity and optimize their workplace.

eGuide | Presented by inContact, Inc.

Journey Mapping the Digital Experience

Discover the importance of understanding the customer’s entire digital journey with your brand in this insightful mini guide with CEO of Experience Investigators Jeannie Walters, in partnership with our experts at NICE CXone

eGuide | Presented by Google

Protecting data and simplifying IT management with Chrome OS

It’s time to rethink security and explore the inherent advantages of cloud computing.

eGuide | Presented by Google

The Leader's Tech Guide to Hybrid Work: Pro Tips to Help Your People and Business Succeed

Around the globe, businesses have embraced more hybrid ways of working, with employees scattered across offices and remote locations. What IT and end users need now is tech that keeps them connected, secure, and productive, no matter where they work.

eGuide | Presented by Palo Alto Networks

Next-Generation Firewall Buyer’s Guide

Data and users are everywhere: on your network, in the cloud and working remotely. The result is an incredibly complex network environment that, historically, has significantly increased your business risk.

eGuide | Presented by JAMF

An Analysis of iOS App Permissions

Mobile apps need data to function. That’s why app developers ask for varying levels of access to the information on your mobile device. Usually, it’s to improve functionality, but occasionally it lacks proper justification.

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