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Solution Brief | Presented by Zenlayer

Solution Brief: Zenlayer Global Accelerator

Zenlayer Global Accelerator (ZGA) is a network acceleration service built on Zenlayer’s massive global private infrastructure.

AI-driven SD-WAN Accelerates Digital Transformation with an Agile, Efficient, and Resilient Network

Service-Centric Networking Solution Delivers Breakthrough Economics and Simplicity.

Creating Business Value with AI-driven SD-WAN as a Managed Service

A Flexible Service Edge with AIOps provides WAN Assurance with high-performing applications and services.

Deploying Enterprise Class Communications as a Managed Service with AI-driven SD-WAN

Ensure reliable, cost-effective, high-performance unified communications with advanced capabilities that help businesses get ahead.

Solution Brief | Presented by Quest

How to manage 'Teams Sprawl'

‘Teams Sprawl’ is what happens when people are allowed to create Teams on demand, with no oversight or planning—you end up with loads of seldom-used or dead Teams, empty channels, and data scattered all over chats, channels, and Files tabs.

Solution Brief | Presented by Quest

How to Migrate PST Files to Office 365

This guide outlines the process for migrating PST files to Office 365, providing steps for manual migrations and information on automated alternatives. 

Solution Brief | Presented by Quest

Solve the Problems Caused by B2B Guest Users

Download this tech brief to understand how Quest Power365 solutions help you solve the problems that B2B guest user accounts create for your corporate partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions.

Solution Brief | Presented by Adobe Inc.

Keep business moving with e-signatures

This 3-page solution brief provides an overview of Adobe Sign benefits for various organizations, including sales, legal, HR, marketing, procurement and more.

Solution Brief | Presented by Veeam

2021 Data Protection Trends Executive Brief

2020 was a unique year for everyone, and business was no exception. External pressures unknown to our generation have forever changed the IT landscape, creating new challenges for all. Veeam’s recent Data Protection Report 2021 looked into a survey of more than 3000 unbiased enterprises worldwide to understand how they approached data protection and management today, and future trends

Maximize efficiency with end-to-end business modernization

Digital transformation promises to make your people and systems operate more efficiently, unlocking a new era of productivity and profitability.

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