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White Paper | Presented by Okera

Security and Governance for 'Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

Scalable data security and governance enables business agility.

Ready to Modernize IT? Start With Automation.

Learn how to optimize the impact that automation has on your organization with tips from this whitepaper. 

White Paper | Presented by HP Inc

Advance your Print Ecosystem to the Cloud

HP transitions your entire print ecosystem to the cloud and manages your print software stack. Count on a secure, fully managed printing experience across home, office, public, and shared spaces.

White Paper | Presented by Couchbase

Containers are the new standard: how can you simplify them on databases and the cloud?

Today, efficiency isn’t measured in seconds but how close to real-time you can get. An organization may have much of the latest and greatest technologies or DevOps practices in place, but if your content isn’t getting in front of customers quickly enough, they’ll go elsewhere.

White Paper | Presented by HP Inc

HP Remote Worker Cybersecurity Best Practices

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic affecting so many people, we are reaching out to let you know your safety and security are in our thoughts. Many employees are now working remotely. Just like good hygiene helps ward off COVID-19, it is important to not overlook cybersecurity hygiene. Here are important strategies and tips for protecting employees, systems, and company data during this time, reducing the risk of an accidental or malicious security breach.

White Paper | Presented by HP Inc

Original HP: Secure printer cartridges you can trust

HP incorporates security into every step of the design, supply chain, and production process. By using only Original HP cartridges in your HP device, you can help protect the integrity of your data.

White Paper | Presented by HP Inc

Print Security Becomes Increasingly Critical with the Rise of a Work-From-Home Workforce

Currently, only 13% of IDC survey respondents believe their company’s overall security level is inadequate. The majority believes that existing security measures are fine or even too extreme and sacrifice productivity.

White Paper | Presented by Okera

Securing Amazon S3 Data Lakes

Core Capabilities and Benefits of Comprehensive Data Security.

White Paper | Presented by IronNet

6 Misconceptions about Collective Defense for Cybersecurity

This white paper explores misconceptions surrounding Collective Defense and why every organization or company should seriously consider this powerful strategy.

Accelerate your Hybrid Transformation

As organizations attempt to strike a balance between keeping IT services on‑premises and moving to the public cloud, a logical middle ground has emerged—the hybrid cloud. This cloud model combines public and private cloud into one cohesive environment, allowing you to take advantage of pay-per-use pricing, the scalability and flexibility of cloud computing, and the security of dedicated hardware. 451 Research reports that 57% of IT decision makers consider pursuing an integrated—on‑premises and off-premises—environment as part of their overall strategy.

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