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White Paper | Presented by Databricks

The Art of Collaborative Data Science at Scale

A unified approach that boosts data science agility and productivity.

Master Your Environment: 6 Key Changes in IT and How to Use Them to Your Advantage

New technologies and applications are generating marked pressures to modernize and transform IT.

White Paper | Presented by Expanse

5 Common Perimeter Exposures and What You Can Do About Them

When a system is left open on the public Internet, it’s only a matter of time before a bad actor finds it. In less than an hour, an attacker can have a list of every single exposed system of a given type in the world.

White Paper | Presented by Carbon Black

A Buyer’s Guide to SecOps

The recent emergence of real-time solutions are enabling Security and IT Operations teams to work together to speed up analysis and response times to reduce risk in their organizations.

Enterprise Collaboration: Benefits, Misalignments, and Risks

Enterprises collaboration and digital transformation initiatives, enabled by technology, bring tangible business benefits - but misalignments between business users and IT staff need to be resolved and risks to enterprise data need to be addresses.

White Paper | Presented by Expanse

Identifying and Managing Strategic Supplier Risk

Your organization is only as secure as your least secure supplier. You must continuously monitor your suppliers’ security posture and have a shared governance model for operationalizing policies to remove blind spots on your suppliers’ networks that could expose your organization to business disruption or a breach.

Onward to the Future of IT Support

In this Aberdeen report, we look at how new technologies and evolving consumer expectations are transforming IT support.

White Paper | Presented by Databricks

The Democratization of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

This paper provides an understanding of the promise of deep learning, the challenges with leveraging this technology, how it is currently solving real-world problems, and more importantly, how deep learning can be made more accessible for data professionals as a whole.

White Paper | Presented by Panda Security

The Nightmare of Cyber Extortion

How to Prevent Cyber Extortion

The State of User-Facing Knowledge and Knowledge Management in 2019

This report provides insight into key areas of organizations’ expectations, investments, and results with regard to user-facing knowledge specifically and knowledge management in general.

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