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White Paper | Presented by Carbon Black

Cognitions of a Cybercriminal

Introducing the Cognitive Attack Loop and the 3 Phases of Cybercriminal Behavior.Attackers are getting better at moving around inside systems without being detected.

White Paper | Presented by Carbon Black

How a Prominent Cryptomining Botnet is Paving the Way for a Lucrative and Illicit Revenue Model

Carbon Black’s (CB) Threat Analysis Unit (TAU) has uncovered a secondary component in a well-known cryptomining campaign.

White Paper | Presented by Carbon Black

Healthcare Cyber Heists in 2019

In healthcare, prevention often stands to be the best cure. This holds true for both physical and digital health. A person’s digital (and often physical) health can be directly tied to the cyber-security posture of their healthcare providers.

White Paper | Presented by Carbon Black

Destructive Cyberattacks Increase Ahead of 2018 Midterm Elections

According to the world’s top incident response professionals, politically motivated cyberattacks from nation-state actors are on the rise: causing system outages and destroying data in ways designed to paralyze an organization’s operations.

White Paper | Presented by Carbon Black

7 Experts on Moving to a Cloud-Based Endpoint Security Platform

Without a doubt, endpoint security has become an urgent priority for many organizations, and it’s not hard to see why. Industry research by IDC is showing that 70 percent of successful breaches enter through an endpoint. Other research shows that more than half of companies have been hit with successful attacks, and more than three-quarters of those attacks were fileless. For many companies, the modern business environment has become a mobile workplace in which employees work from wherever they happen to be. The fact that people continue to be the weakest security link has made mobile PCs and extended networks a sweet spot for attackers. So how are companies responding? Many are moving to cloud-based, next generation, Endpoint Security platforms.

White Paper | Presented by Carbon Black

Moving Endpoint Security to the Predictive Cloud

Traditional antivirus (AV) vendors aren’t keeping up with today’s threats. They don’t protect against unknown attacks until it’s too late, forcing security teams to scramble for new products every time a new wave of attacks hits. This reactive approach has resulted in too many tools on the endpoint that don’t work together —stretching security professionals to their breaking point.

White Paper | Presented by Carbon Black

SANS Evaluators Guide to Cloud-Based NGAV

Legacy antivirus does not stop the malware and non-malware attacks companies face every day, so customers are looking for next-generation antivirus (NGAV) products that will. Yet with all these new technologies, many are confused about what they should be looking for.