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Accelerating SAP S/4HANA on Google Cloud Platform

Reduce costs, simplify complexities and gain resiliency with Cognizant and GCP.

Cognizant SAP on Google Cloud Video

The business world is increasingly taking advantage of remote and connected systems. To remain competitive, organizations must modernize, reimagine, and transform their people, processes, and technology.

Doing business intelligently with a new ERP foundation

A connected and intelligent core sharing information across the enterprise value chain is an imperative for businesses to stay relevant and drive business value.

Jump-start Your SAP Modernization with Google Cloud and Cognizant

SAP applications are the digital lifeblood of many businesses, so it’s no surprise that some organizations are loath to tinker with what is running satisfactorily.

Modernize Your Intelligent Enterprise Core with SAP, Cognizant & Google Cloud

The combined experience and value proposition of Google Cloud and Cognizant will help propel you and your business to the stratosphere. 

Rely on Google Cloud for SAP, Today and Tomorrow

All over the world, enterprises are depending on Google Cloud to ensure business continuity, cost efficiencies, and agility with their SAP applications. Rest assured you can count on Cognizant to help you get to the cloud and run your business smarter, faster, and with less cost.