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Cream Digital: On the Bleeding-Edge of VR Production

The VR industry and the technology pushing it forward are rapidly expanding in today’s age. It is an exciting time for companies like Cream, an the award-winning television and VR production company, pioneering a new road in 3D model creation. However, as the industry grows, its technology quickly becomes obsolete. It is tough for some VR companies to keep up, but Cream is able to stay at the bleeding edge of the VR industry with their talented team and top of the line, flexible setup. Download this whitepaper from Dell and Nvidia to learn more.

Productivity Study: ANSYS Mechanical

Simulation-led design offers many benefits to design engineering teams: Time and cost savings via less physical product testing, the ability to quickly determine the best initial designs to develop and the freedom to digitally experiment with innovative “what-if” scenarios are chief among them.

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Selecting the Right Workstation for Simulation

This e-guide provides key principles for choosing a workstation bestsuited for engineering simulation. With proper configuration, workstations can help drive significant productivity gains for users, enable digital transformations across organizations, and, ultimately, deliver greater competitive advantages. Download this eguide from Dell and Nvidia to learn more.

Visualization in the Virtual Reality Age

While 3D design tools have been around for a while, the consumerisation of VR is opening-up visualisation options at an unprecedented rate. Visualisation has evolved to a level that allows designers to produce photorealistic images of products in natural environments faster and with more accuracy, enabling even faster time-to-market and allowing customers to experience the product for themselves – and all without real-world prototyping and modelling costs.

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The Best Windows 10 VDI User Experience

Migrating to Windows 10 is inevitable for keeping pace with modern demands. NVIDA GRID™ helps you seamlessly transition and make the most of this new operating system resulting in happier, more productive users.