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A Data-Driven Manufacturing World with RoviSys

Learn about the reality of digital transformation in an industrial setting in this talk with Bryan DeBois, Director of Industrial AI at RoviSys, a leading automation and information solutions provider.

Digital Signage Puts the Spotlight on Data

Learn how organizations can use the data they already have to help drive value to the bottom line.

Remove Friction from IoT Development with Microsoft

Learn about the major trends and challenges in IoT development in this talk with Pete Bernard, Senior Director of Silicon and Telecom in the Azure Edge Devices Platform and Services Group at Microsoft.

Podcast | Presented by Intel Corporation

Take the Pain Out of IoT Projects with Microsoft

In this podcast, we talk about the key pain points of IoT development, the importance of having a developer-friendly platform, and how to address IoT interoperability challenges. 

Podcast | Presented by Intel Corporation

The Flow of Data in Water Utilities with INTERA

Listen to this podcast to learn about the obstacles utilities are facing, what decisions they are making, and how they are improving their water supply management systems.

Delivering Innovation at the Edge

Watch this on-demand video webcast featuring experts from IDC and Intel to learn about the latest developments in edge computing.

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