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White Paper | Presented by BMC Software

4 Steps to Patch Management Success

The need for patch management has been demonstrated repeatedly in recent years as companies large and small suffered data breaches due to unpatched vulnerabilities. The challenges are significant, but not overwhelming, with these four steps.

eGuide | Presented by MicroStrategy

8 Analytics Trends to Watch in 2018 for the Intelligent Enterprise

With the world's biggest brands being constantly challenged and upended by disruption, a recent survey reveals that 85% of enterprise decision makers feel they have just two years to make significant inroads on digital transformation before suffering financially and/or falling behind their competitors. Ready or not, the future is here. For enterprise organizations, it must be a data-driven one.

AWS, VMware and the New Connection for Enterprises

Two of the biggest names in cloud have gone from rivals to partners. In August 2017, VMWare became officially live on AWS which was huge news for enterprises. Together, these two companies make a powerful combo, with one dominating in the private cloud and the other in the public cloud.

eGuide | Presented by Veritas

eGuide: A Data Protection Toolkit

Data protection is one of the most formidable challenges facing organizations today. Ransomware attacks that restrict access to important data until the attacker is paid are becoming increasingly common. Moving to the cloud is an option, but it's still important to have a disaster recovery plan in hand. And what about DRaaS? This toolkit aims to offer some ideas for grappling with data protection and disaster recovery.

White Paper | Presented by Check Point

How to Secure your Microsoft Azure Cloud with Check Point

The focus of this document is architectural design and security. It is meant as a blueprint which allows you to achieve the best security controls and visibility aligned with the agility, elasticity, and automated nature of cloud infrastructure.

White Paper | Presented by BMC Software

Is Patching Dead or Alive?

Just about every software company now issues patches and updates for their products in order to keep software secure and efficient. But patching, while necessary, is often a challenge for organizations because of the high volume. Tech influencers weigh in on whether patching is dead or alive and how they think businesses should handle the process today.

White Paper | Presented by Serenova

IT Managers' Guide to Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure

What's one of the most common misconceptions when a contact center moves to the cloud? That the need for IT resources is eliminated or diminished!

White Paper | Presented by Serenova

KPI Guide for Omnichannel Contact Centers

In this paper, DMG Consulting presents the most useful KPIs for managing customer service, sales and collections contact centers. It's time for contact centers to take a fresh look at what is measured, and this white paper will help you with the process.

White Paper | Presented by BMC Software

(Lack of) Patch Management Highlighted in Congress

According to the former Equifax CEO's testimony to Congress, one of the primary causes of this now infamous data breach was the company's failure to patch a critical vulnerability. Secure IT operations start with the identification and prioritization of these vulnerabilities. Read how here.

eBook | Presented by Iovation

Multi-Factor Authentication for Dummies

This book introduces IT professionals to next-generation multi-factor authentication (MFA), an approach to authentication that goes well beyond usernames and passwords to provide the right level of security assurance at the right time, anytime

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