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White Paper | Presented by VMware

2018 Networking and Security Trends Report: From Data Centers to Centers of Data

Download the trend report to gain valuable insights so you can be prepared to keep up in a hyper-connected world.

White Paper | Presented by VMware

The Challenges and Rewards of Modernizing Data Centers

In today’s fast-moving world, the ability to bring new applications and services to market quickly is key to success.

White Paper | Presented by Epson America

Manage the Business, Not the Printer

Why Augmenting Your Centralized Color Multifunction Device [MFD] with Distributed Color Inkjet Printers Makes Good Business Sense.

eBook | Presented by Epson America

The Small and Medium-Sized Business Guide to Securing Printers

Use this guide as a starting place for evaluating security issues, but refer to product documentation for detailed instructions

White Paper | Presented by Epson America

The Office Printing Market Today…and Tomorrow

Read this IDC report to learn about the future of the office printing market and how inkjet technology is disrupting the laser printer market.

Case Study | Presented by Epson America

Epson WorkForce Pro Brings Powerful Printing to a Growing Nonprofit

For retail and food-service businesses, something needs to be printed every day: ad signage, sales signs, color catalogs, menus, and more—not to mention regular office printing workloads like invoices, sales reports, employee memos, and schedules.

Are Businesses Really Using Inkjet Printers? The Answers Will Surprise You

Inkjet printers are perfect for home use, but laser printers are the choice for offices, right? That pearl of conventional wisdom has rapidly transformed into a deceptive myth. Yes, inkjet printers dominate the consumer and signage markets, but it may surprise you to learn that they’re poised to overtake laser printers in offices — in small and midsized businesses as well as corporate environments.

White Paper | Presented by ServiceNow Inc

Is Your IT Spend Aligned with Your Business

Learn how gaining complete portfolio and financial visibility with IT Business Management can help put you in the driver's seat to manage change and speed innovation.

eBook | Presented by ServiceNow Inc

Executive Profiles in Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is no longer a buzzword or a far‑off prospect—it’s a necessity for any organization seeking ongoing business success. The good news is that executives who embark on a comprehensive digital transformation initiative can expect a remarkable competitive advantage. In short, do it now and do it right, and your organization will reap considerable rewards.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Nutanix

Multi-Cloud Cost Optimization with Nutanix Beam

Many application and technology budget owners are surprised by the unexpectedly high costs of their cloud services. To prevent uncontrolled cloud spend and enable accurate resource planning, cloud teams need better visibility of service consumption across their multi-cloud environments.

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