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Advanced Beginner's Guide to R

So you’ve gone through the Computerworld Beginner’s Guide to R and want to take the next steps in your R journey? You're in the right place.

R advanced beginner's guide primary

Learn how to wrangle data, including using R's transform, apply and mapply functions, along with sorting, grouping by date range and reshaping. We also take you through some dplyr basics.

Next up: Visualizing data with ggplot2, and creating choropleth maps. Then learn how to extract custom data from the Google Analytics API.

We also provide plenty of other R resources, from great packages for data import and visualization to websites, videos, blogs, communities, books/ebooks and many other apps you might want to check out.

Download the guide to get started.

Update: The append_data() function mentioned in the mapping tutorial has been moved from the tmap package to a new tmaptools package. You should install and load tmaptools from CRAN when following the guide's mapping section.


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