Yes, Your Healthcare Organization's Digital Workflows Can Include Cloud Fax, Too

J2 Global Communications

For years, many healthcare organizations—maybe yours included—operated under a false choice: Either we maintain our inefficient, expensive, and error-prone fax infrastructure, or we give up the ability to fax altogether.

But there is a third option: a simple, nondisruptive, transition to a hosted digital fax solution.

This paper will review the benefits of migrating to a cloud fax workflow, including:

  • Ways cloud fax can improve your employees’ workflows and boost productivity, including integrating fax into your EHR system.
  • The security and compliance advantages of a HIPAA-focused cloud fax solution.
  • How cloud fax can help your company address the government’s “interoperability” requirements.
  • And why, unlike many of other initiatives on your digital roadmap, moving to cloud faxing won’t require a lot of time, resources, or training.