451 Research Report: Tackling the Visibility Gap in Information Security

451 Research recently published insights gathered from in-depth interviews with security leaders across 150 large enterprises to better understand the most critical challenges facing their teams.  

This new report uncovers the most tangible pain points in security management and the emerging mandate required from people, processes and technology to continue optimizing threat protection. 

View the 451 Research Report study to learn more.  

Key findings include: 

  • Growing alert fatigue: 43% are so overwhelmed, they are unable to act on at least 25% of security alerts 
  • An incomplete security picture: SIEMs are only ingesting logs from 45% of log-producing systems
  • More technologies, less visibility: when asked their top security operations pain point, 28% of respondents cite the inability to integrate security products, creating a visibility gap as data is spread across disparate technologies 

Download the report to see where your company stacks up.