Overcoming security challenges for cloud beginners

When you build in the cloud, you can't take security for granted.

The shared responsibility model of cloud security allows you to take advantage of resources only available to cloud consumers without many of the operational headaches.

Building applications in the cloud securely requires a clear understanding of where the cloud provider’s security responsibilities end and yours begin. It also means anticipating and building the tools to build the solutions to configuration, visibility, identity and access management (IAM) challenges right into your application development process.

“More and more organizations are migrating to the cloud and using the exploding set of cloud services that are being offered, but the biggest problems exist between keyboard and chair.”

-- Aaron Ansari, VP of Cloud One at Trend Micro

In this guide, Softchoice has covered the following:  

  • Which aspects of shared security responsibilities belong to you, the cloud consumer.
  • The 5 most important vulnerabilities new cloud adopters need to consider.
  • The first steps to establishing true DevSecOps.
  • How automation helps cloud adopters secure both infrastructure and applications