Gartner: Emerging Technology Horizon for Communications

Today’s digital landscape is changing, necessitating a need for businesses to adapt to, or adopt, new communications technologies such as 5G network slicing, SASE, Zero Trust Networking, and Wi-Fi 6. Some of these emerging technologies will have an impact over the course of the next 3 years. Others are more immediate with advancements taking place within the year. These technologies and trends are emerging to address new demand created from other areas of IT adoption or transformation such as multiple cloud provider environment, software-defined cloud interconnection, IoT and 5G connectivity, edge computing, and more.

Read the Gartner report entitled the Emerging Technology Horizon for Communications to better understand the key technologies and implications that will affect enterprises, including:

  • The types of technologies that will replace legacy product capabilities and have the highest impacts on industries, business functions, and markets.
  • When these emerging technologies are expected to arrive and how they will impact organizations, both in the near-term and over the longer-term.
  • How increased enterprise demand for multi-provider cloud connectivity will increase the adoption of new technologies.
  • Recommended steps that product leaders should take when seeking to develop or expand their communications technology solutions.