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Gain Higher Productivity with 2-in-1 PC

Your mobile workforce needs devices that are both versatile and allow for higher productivity. Increasingly, such as 2-in-1 devices like convertible notebooks or detachable tablets. IDC research shows that using Dell 2-in-1 devices, powered by 8th Generation Intel® Core™ processors, made people more productive while being less physically demanding and required less effort. Download the executive summary for highlights of the IDC study and to find out why people prefer using 2-in-1 devices over traditional laptops.

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How digital transformation is shaping industries

Digital transformation is creating an opportunity for innovation across all industries that is nothing short of a renaissance. From retail to life sciences, we are seeing a complete reinvention of products, services and experiences being delivered to the market.

MaRS supports innovation with Softchoice and AWS

Softchoice worked with MaRS to implement the desired solution from the blueprint leveraging AWS EC2 for SQL Virtual Machinesin Dev, UATand Production environments.

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NGAV Eval Guide

Top 4 things to consider when choosing a next-gen endpoint security solution.

Redefine Your Workforce Enablement Through Productivity

Millennials are reshaping the world of work through their knowledge of new technologies, work habits, and attitudes of the 21st-century workplace. At the same time, IT departments are working to add flexibility to the way they are supporting the Millennial worker. Yet it’s not just about IT providing the right tools and devices to its employees so they can get their jobs done effectively; IT needs to offer an overall workplace ecosystem that is secure and innovative. In September 2016, Dell commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study with 560 information workers across all industries in Australia, India, the UK, and the US. Learn more about the working habits that emerged and how IT departments can apply these insights to future deployments. Download Report!

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SamSam: The (Almost) Six Million Dollar Ransomware

SamSam is a very different sort of ransomware, used roughly once per day in one devastating, handcrafted attack.

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SE Labs Predictive Advantage Test Report Infographic

Predictive Advantage: It’s About Time

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Standing Up to Cryptojacking: Best Practices for Fighting Back

Crooks are aggressively targeting servers and even whole networks in order to mine for cryptocurrency on other people's computers. Simply put, you pay for the electricity and hardware, and they pocket the rewards.

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Synchronized Security in a Connected World

With 83% of IT managers agreeing that cyber threats are getting harder to stop, it’s time to move from point products to a connected cybersecurity system

Understanding SQL Server Licensing on Amazon Web Services

70% of the average data center footprint is primarily Windows-based workloads powered by SQL. So, it’s likely if you’re a Microsoft shop - you might think you have only one option.

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